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    Not sure what happened but today I started having a problem with the 5-way and holding keys down (repeating keys). I can no longer hold down keys to get the character to repeat. Also, I can not hold down any of the 5-way directions to move quickly across the screen. I can only press a button once and release (it will not repeat if i hold it down).

    Another example: Before today, if I held down '1', it would dial my voicemail. Now if I hold it down it does nothing.....

    Someone please help! I'm sure it's some stupid setting or something that I did unknowingly.

    Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE: nevermind..i found the problem. Somehow the repeat slider bar in the 'buttons' settings got set all the way to 'slow repeat' which bascially doesn't allow any repeats. This happened after installing and uninstalling the 'Remote II' software which turns your ppc into a remote for your tv. I didn't touch the setting myself but for some reason that application must adjust it for you... how nice of it. son of a....
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