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    I did something stupid, I tried reinstalling Sudoku v 1.3 over the 1.4, because 1.3 recognized the OK button when you hit it to easily exit out. Well, 1.3 doesn't support 320 x 320 screens, and the 1.4 on the website doesn't either... so I check the CD and it isn't on it. I think I might need to hard reset to get it back... this blows.
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    Hey, I'm top ***** around here. I don't have Sudoku but I do have a Treo that's on the charger again. Now that blows.
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    I guess I have been using it more conservatively today... needed to charge it about an hour ago. Other than that, it lasted all day.

    Wonder if anyone knows how to get into the extended rom and find the 320 x 320 cab version of sudoku...
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    Huh... fixed it myself:

    Did a Sprite Backup.
    Hard Reset.
    Sudoku in all it's glory has returned to my 800w.

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