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    Is there a chance we will see the 850 released this month to replace the 750 on AT&T?

    My 750 has been very unstable ever since I upgraded it to WM6 (via the SD Method) and the battery life is terrible.

    Hopefully I'll be updating to the 850 very very soon
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    I doubt it. There hasnt been much more information about it. Then again, It looks like the 800 just dropped on our door steps.

    My fingers are crossed also.

    Why dont you try to do a hard rest?
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    I would not expect to see the 850 before the end of the year, if not in 2009. My 750 has been excellent for both stability and battery life with WM6.
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    Pope, what software version did you upgrade it with? If it was that early leaked rom last year, it sucked for battery life. The official roms have offered much improvement over WM5 on battery life.

    Of course, WM6 also added 3G which is a larger drain. Still, your total life should not have gotten worse.
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    I have no real legitimate information but I bet they release the 850 in Europe--probably Vodafone at least a couple of months before it comes to the USA (ATT) just like the 750.

    As for stability issues I too say back up your 750 and try a hard reset--seems to fix tons of issues.
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    I have a few questions. Just obtained a "new in box" 750 from an eBay mass seller for $200.

    I don't know if it will turn out to be the unbranded model, or an ATT/Cingular model which has been unlocked.

    Since I will have a tabula rasa of sorts, what reccomendations to any of you have with regard to ROM upgrades? I don't know whether it will have WM 5 or 6, since the seller used that stock Palm info sheet that specs both versions.

    I would probably want to go with a stock ROM and not a cooked one. I am on AT&T.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    If it isn't already, upgrade to the official release for whatever the phone is. (Att or Unbranded)
    Many, including myself are running RWE, despite being with Att, because we don't like the Att bloateware.
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    With the stock AT&T WM 6 ROM. No complaints or glitches so far.
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