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    I am currently using a Treo 750 and I have been experiencing many issues with the devices since I upgraded the operating system to WM6 (SD card method).

    I am anxiously waiting on the next Treo device to be release on AT&T so I can finally upgrade to a more stabile device.

    Supposedly, Palm is releasing the Treo 850 (code-named "Skywriter) on AT&T. My question is, what will be the difference in the 800w, 750 and 850 ?

    I have seen some leaked pictures of the 850 and personally I like the way it looks better than 800w.

    Also, how will/does the 850's specs stack up against Mogul, Blackberry Bold, and other devices that compete against Palm?

    I have been a Treo fan ever since the 650 due maily to the touch-screen and form factor so I hope Treo can blow the bold, mogul, etc out of the water with these new device releases!

    Finally, is there a tentative release date for the 850?

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