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    I noticed a possible issue with the phone yesterday, today.

    sometimes, when you let the screen power off on it's own.. the screen will fill with alternating vertical lines of varying color, kind of looks like an LCD failure, the image will slowly fade out... but you can still see the vertical lines in sunlight. this seems to correspond with the screen, when the phone is working normally, to have an odd flicker associated with it. like if you look at the bottom task bar, it looks like the screen is interlaced with a mild flicker. hard to describe.

    unrelated, I had an order for an 800w online. went to a sprint store that day and they had the 800w in stock, so i cancelled the order on the phone while in store.

    well, today I just got shipment notification for the 800w. apparently they didnt cancel. now I have two 800ws (and a $1300 bill on my CC)
    I may use this 'opportunity' to see if the 2nd phone behaves like my first.

    Am I right in that I can open and use the phone and still be able to return it?
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    Point a; dont have that issue- sounds like you might have a bad unit (which could work out nicely in your situation)

    Point b; yes- you can return it no worries.
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    Well, if your Sprint experience was like mine... They didn't actually cancel it (obvious given the circumstances) and they just put notes in your account that you wanted to cancel it. Indian customer service at it's finest.

    When I was getting off with the retentions guy and he told me I should call back Monday I said "Please tell me I can call you and I don't have to call India."

    He said, "You don't have to call India." and then proceeded to give me his number.

    Good times.

    After all this and the fact that I now actually want mine to have shipped, I bet I'm the only one who actually got cancelled.
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    I haven't been able to replicate the screen issue.

    i left google maps and sprint navigator loaded all night.
    Today, I was unable to get GPS to lock again after closing Google maps and sprint navigator. It would just stay on seeking satallites (0 found) for 10 minutes...

    I had to remove the battery (reset) to get GPS to work again.

    has anyone else had a similar issue?

    I've had this happen many times on the Mogul, but I was hoping for better from Palm and $650.

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