So I just got back from my local Sprint store w/o an 800 in hand. But all is not bad. They had two shipped to them; one they sold earlier in the day to a new Sprint customer. The other was about to be purchased by yours truly. However, because I am an existing customer (out of contract) they were unable to give me the $250 in store rebate because the "code" was not yet in the computer. The customer service guy checked with the store manager who confirmed that they couldn't sell it to me yet with the rebate. The CS guy was helpful and put it on hold, so I will be able to get it at least by sunday. However they both said that Sprint does a "soft launch," usually 24 hours before an official launch which would mean that I could potentially get the rebate and phone tomorrow (Sat). However, since that is not set in stone, I was wondering if anyone had any info on a code or number to call to get a code, that I can give them tom. I know its picky and impatient, but I don't care, I've been waiting for this thing for quite a while!