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    Hello, I'm about to get a 800 in the next few days but I was wondering how much you people are actually paying before rebate and how much of a rebate.
    I've heard that it is $249 after rebate for the most part.
    I bought a new 755p back in December for $249 in the store and then got a $100 rebate for a total of $149 ( At that point people said they were paying $249 after rebate.)
    Any how, let me know what kind of deal you got and where you bought it from.
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    $349 for me. I could only muster $150 instant rebate and $100 mail in. No worries, I sold my Touch, LG rumor and now I'll be selling my current Mogul. I'll be way ahead in the end anyway.
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    You won't see sprint stores dealing on a sale anymore with there new pay structure. 3rd party dealers have also been lowered on the amount they are paid on activations so also I wouldn't expect to see it much cheaper anywhere else.
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    $249 out the door. No rebate fiasco to deal with.
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    249 after rebates
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    -150 (upgrade rebate)
    -100 (MIR)
    -70 ("loyal customer discount" that I talked them into)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordmarqui View Post
    -150 (upgrade rebate)
    -100 (MIR)
    -70 ("loyal customer discount" that I talked them into)

    im SO gonna try to get that loyal discount. i been with them since like 02.
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    If i am not under a contract with sprint and decide to sign a new 2 year deal...will i get the phone for 299. after rebeate or 399 after rebate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by intomed View Post
    $249 out the door. No rebate fiasco to deal with.

    How , Where ?
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    I think I'm going to try retentions. Been with Sprint 6 years on this account and out of contract for 4 of those. I want to pay 249 at most with no rebate needed and get switched to SERO. Guys think it's possible?
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    bearxor...see above.


    Went to my local Sprint Corp Store this morning. They apparently had a very hard time setting the phone up as it wasn't showing up in their system, despite 5 of them sitting there on the counter. LOL In any case, after over-riding the system I was able to get the $150 upgrade. I then asked about the $100 MIR. I was told that they are concerned that since I got the phone before official launch, that I might not be eligible for the rebate (guess, rebate doesn't start until Sunday). The manager then deducted the $100 off the phone to ensure that I wasn't "penalized" for getting the phone early. Boy, was I sooo happy. I hate dealing with MIR.

    Anyway, the store is located in Niles, OH.
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    I'm working with telesales right now. I've talked them down to $199.99, but I'm being transferred to another dept to see if I can get an even better deal, like a loyalty discount.

    If I can't get it, I'll take the $199.99 amount. That's still pretty good.
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    Got it at $199.99. Instant credit for the MIR. Hopefully I get the form or can obtain it and get it for $99.99
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    Well, I just got back from my local sprint store ( Dearborn Heights, Mich ) and they said they have the phone but they can't sell them until tomorrow. So the guy really tried to get me to buy an Instinct. Oh well... I'll wait until Tuesday and see If I can get one.
    Maybe I'll try telesales. I have 4 lines , 3 are out of contract for 2+ years. And I've been with them since 1998.
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    Can we sticky this as a deals thread for the next couple of weeks?

    I plan on calling retentions today or tomorrow to see what kind of deal I can get. Both my wife and I are 26 months since our last deal (me = 700P early sucker) and as a former Sprint employee, I've been a customer since 1997.

    My wife just has to figure out what phone she wants. I've been trying to talk her into a Centro, but she hasn't bit. The 800 will be too bulky for her.

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    I've heard that re-uping some of the lines can get you an extra $50 credit a pop.
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    I am not eligible for the full $150 until November 08. I called retentions and explained that other people were getting the phone for $249 and I had to pay $600. Her response was "I can do that". I was shocked. She said she had to send the phone to me to get the deal. I have a phone on the way and I paid $349 and will get the $100 rebate. She also said if the rebate doesn't work call back to retentions and they will find out why. Not bad. My local store wanted me to pay $599 for the phone.
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    I was only able to get it with a $100 discount so I paid $500 for mine and then went home and called sprint and said "I WAS PISSED about being a cutomer for a decade and paying $500 for a phone" they gave me $50 off my next bill and refunded my $18 activation fee.I wanted this phone so bad I would have still paid the $600 for it.
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    UPdate: I just for kicks called Sprint Retentions ( I spoke to regular customer service last time ) (Say cancelation whne the message says why are you calling) when you call and you will imediatly go to Retentions. I asked if there was more rebates I can get and she said are you leaivng if I dont give you anything., I was honest and said no but did slip in I love the iphone and she put me on hold and came back and said her manager gave me another $100 rebate instant off my next bill . I managed $168 instant rebate from my next bill. Not too bad. ALways call sprint and ask , cant hurt and always mention the iphone. LOL.
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    $599 minus $75 for my 1 year upgrade (just a few months shy of the $150)

    Emailed eCare and politely complained about the hold/delayed delivery and mentioned how I've always paid full price for my phones.

    They responded and will apply additional discounts to knock it down to $349.

    Not as cheap as others here but hey, that's some savings for me.

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