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    First off there is a lot of applications compatible with the 800w's 320x320 resolution and many more will be VERY SOON. Sprint's software store has many titles available.

    This is to everyone wondering or whining about 3rd party software. They don't make a phone expecting 3rd party applications to work on it. Just like PCs there is different resolutions and unfortunatly some developers make applications that are resolution reliant.

    Software developers have known 320x320 PDAs (NOT just the 800w) were coming out and have been out for months now. This treo as well as other models will be popular enough for the fixes to be put in place for the applications that do not run. THIS WAS AN EXPECTED ISSUE. If they did not patch the software than it is there sales loss.

    This is the SAME thing that happened with the 700wx. Most things came out with a new versions supporting 240x240. A windows mobile developer can correct this issue without to much work. I am a programmer myself and this is not a big deal to adjust an application.

    If this is making you wait for the Touch Pro don't... You will see even bigger resolution issues there because that is way off standard. If you are that reliant on certain applications and just can't wait, the mogul and the touch both have windows mobile standard 320x240.
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    You are incorrect about the touch pro. There will be no issue with 640x480, seeing how its a multiple of 320x240 and there have been vga screens for years. I bought my Axim X50v in 2004. Then there were minor issues but only because of pixel doubling and all apps worked.

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