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    I have sent my Valentine One radar detector in several times to have a problem checked on it. They keep sending it back saying nothing is wrong. They currently have the detector, and I just got off the phone with a tech who said CDMA phones can interfere with the detector. I never had problems with my other phones, but come to think of it, I did start having troubles with the V1 when I started using my 700WX as an MP3 player. Strange thing is, I never use the 700wx as a phone, so I always have the phone radio off.

    I am just curious if your Treo 700 phone has interacted with your detector?
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    I Have a Sprint 700 wx and a Valentine One radar detector (latest version) and I have not noticed a problem but will be more attentive. What particular "issue" was occuring? False sensing? or what?
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    Hey jdmoser,

    Thanks for the reply! My V1 was false sensing in that it would constantly beep Ka band with the arrow pointing forward. The tech at V1 said that a Sprint or Verizon phone could cause false sensing with the arrow pointing BACKWARD which is inconsistent with my V1's symptoms. I find it hard to believe the cause is my phone, as I never turned my phone radio on (just used it as my mp3 player). However, the 700wx was the only addition to my setup, and the tech said they could find nothing wrong with the detector (I sent it in twice!).

    I should get my detector back in a couple of days, and I hope the darn thing is working correctly. I have subsequently been using an AT&T Centro, so the 700wx is out of the picture. Let me know if you can get yours to interact with your phone. Thanks again for your response!
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    I have both and have not noticed it. I've had my V1 since like 1998 (best investment ever)
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    several yr old v 1 and 700wx no known interference (with passport in other car as well)
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    Ditto; V1 and Verizon; use the phone extensively. No problems. Have never used the phone for MP3 while in the car if that helps
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    I have both a valentine one and a treo 700wx... my V1 is from less than a year or so. and my 700 has been updated to the latest rom...don't have the issues you do...i have noticed before on my old V1 that when i used my remote for my stereo that it would set off the laser detector. also i have heard some model cars taillights(or 3rd brake light) are known to set off the laser detector....Oh by the way i use it in tandem with an old version of the phazer.....i swear by the phazer because most signs that tell you how fast you are going can't get a reading until you get within so many feet......also when a cop uses his radar....i hear multiple times getting hit until i get within the range the radar can get thru......turned of and right back on.......bcz they are hoping to get a reading.......hope this might help...
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the replies. I got my V1 back from the repair center. They found nothing wrong, but they placed a new receiver in the unit "just in case" at no cost to me. Great company!

    So, I put the radar detector up in my car, and have my Treo in hand. Turn detector on...NO PROBLEMS! I then turn on the Treo phone radio. Wait a few seconds...NO PROB! Then, I decide to put the phone a few inches from the detector...OH NO...detector starts going haywire. Same thing that was happening before.

    Anyhow, I picked up a Centro, and I had been enjoying that device until the back loudspeaker blew. I have previously been lucky with my PDAs, but not so with my two Treo devices. Maybe I will look at the new HP, LOL.

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