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    I installed WeFi a little while ago and I now see my hot sync is saying device not recognized, although I did not like the way my screen looked after the install so I tried deleting WeFi programs.

    what do I need to do to return it to before the install....hard reset?
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    To be honest I am not even sure what WeFi does. I recently purchased a spectec WiFi card so I installed this on my 750. I guess I should not be installing stuff until I am more familiar with what I am doing huh?
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    If you only listen to 1 peice of advice, make it this:

    Before installing unfamiliar programs, always perform a system backup.

    It only takes a couple extra minutes and can save you hours of headache. When you inevitably load something that screws things up or just doesn't uninstall clean, you can simply restore your backup. Otherwise, you will find yourself facing a hard reset and reloading of all software and setting manually.
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