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    i've been reading around a lot, but not getting a feel of how this phone handles switching apps.... browser to text, to phone, to gps, etc. is it fast or slow??

    on a side note, is there a good gmail push email app out there? i use chattermail with my 755p now and it works great. get my emails instantly....

    thanks boys
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    Everything is fast, even after I installed a ton of apps.

    You can try FlexMail for push email, but there's nothing comparable to Chatter on WM.
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    I would say it is zippy and quick. Marking 400 emails read took a few minutes but opening menus and switching apps is just as good if not better than the 700wx.
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    Fastest WM device I have every used/seen. Still have to manage apps to make sure they are closed but it's hard to remember when it really doesn't effect the speed.

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