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    Most of the discussion here is way over my head, honestly, but I thought maybe you could help a girl out.

    So I text message "ringtone11" to the number 62262.

    I get a response text message that says:

    Thanks for requesting an Obama Ringtone.... (etc)

    I then get an MMS message from 67000
    Subject: Barack Obama - Fired Up

    The message says : "Message download failed" This message needs to be downloaded.

    I press the download key.

    It tells me: "Download of this message has been requested"

    The message comes back again, "Download Failed" Code 268435456l (that's lower case letter L)

    I was told by Verizon and Palm that the Treo 700wx does not have "enhanced message file" capability.

    a) Is this true?
    b) Is there a workaround or software so that I can get this capability to download/play?

    Thanks in advance.
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    sorry on the delay im not going to download no obama on my phone... but ne hoot can you go to a website and download that file there? and I download mp3's via email all the time... so idk
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    I think your best bet would be to go to a site such as, register, and search for your ringtone. I use that site pretty often and everything I've ever d/l works just fine on my 700WX. Most free ringtones are designed for standard cell phones, not PPC's and will not run on them.

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