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    Congrats, Palm.

    With the 800w, I think Palm has regained the level they were at in the early Treo 650 days. There is probably not another smartphone available in the NA market that offers this much usability and functionality.

    For functionality alone, I think the discussion has to be limited to WM and POS smartphones. The 800w has the specs of the Tilt and IMO is more usable because of the form factor.

    The argument is no longer "yeah, it doesn't have xyz, but Palm Treos are more usable". It has become "it has it all AND it's more usable."

    Going forward, I think there are only a few improvements to be made:

    VGA screen or at least landscape of some kind
    Maybe 2-3 mm thinner. After a certain point thin devices with KBs actually become more difficult to handle IMO
    Better battery- I expect Palm will get quite a few complaints about the battery.

    Other than that, there are improvements I'd like to see in WM itself:

    -Persistent notifications of overdue tasks like on Palm devices (or floating events in the calendar). I'm trying out an app called PIToday which may be a decent way to emulate this

    -Call recording- hmm, maybe the 800w does this? I'll have to check

    -Better handling of the storage card. I understand all the reasons MS has to unmount the card after a minute of inactivity, but at least provide an option to disable this feature. If we could use the card as a true extension of internal ROM, built-in storage would be less important.

    For example, I have to install apps like SlingPlayer and TCPMP in ROM because they don't behave properly over a long period of time if run from the SD. Eventually, the card unmounts and these apps don't shut down properly.
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    Now that more people have this, what do you think?
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    I think the 800w is a fine device but as far as it pushing Palm to the top of the smartphone universe again, I think that may be stretching it. I think you would need some sort of revolutionary device to achieve that and the 800w, while pretty good, I think falls more to the evolutionary side of the scale. With so many competitors out there like Apple, HTC, RIM, and now Sony, Palm has a lot more competiton to deal with and I don't seem them regaining the top spot anytime soon (if ever). Palm had far less competition during the T650 days so it was easy for their good product to stand out but with all these new devices out there now and Palm now just getting their specs/features in line with many of their cometitors, its hard to see the 800w getting the kind of response that a device like the T600 or T650 got. That doesn't mean the 800w isn't a good device, but like many of its competitors, its certainly not without its faults and I don't think necessarily qualifies for the best smartphone out there (especially since being the best is very subjective and thus will vary from user to user depending on their needs).
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    -Call recording- hmm, maybe the 800w does this? I'll have to check
    It looks like mVoice allows you to record calls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    It looks like mVoice allows you to record calls?
    lol, this will come in very handy to record the absurb calls with customer service. haha.

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