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    You need a special version of TCPMP for WM6.1 Its over on (I'd post the link if I had it handy right now).

    For those looking.

    TCPMP is a huge app for me since I don't own an ipod and I have a ton of music videos.

    Just installed version 3 from that link and my MPEG4 videos compressed for the Treo screen work great. I am using 320x240 resolution for my video files. I didn't even need to install an AAC codec, they worked right out of the box. I use TMPG Express to convert my videos from DVD to MP4s.

    Videos play well. I love the increased resolution on the screen. I am getting some choppiness in the video occasionally though but it works ok. Gotta tweak it probably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    Avoid it like the plague unless you like to stare at a grid of barely perceptible pink and purple dashes on the screen following a soft reset.
    Wow... My Xbox did that to me awhile back and had to be replaced... Must be a Microsoft thing... LMAO
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