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    Good info posted from a similar thread...I'd like to have one charger for both my phone and headset...

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    If you need a BT headset, the Jabra BT8040 is a great one that charges with microusb. Thus it comes with a wall charger, a very small (like 2 inches) micro USB cable, and the headset.

    If you're in the market for a BT headset, this is a nice way to get that and pick up some extra charging cables.

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    As a maker of products that use USB connectors, I would assume that if the 800 has a micro usb port (i am vzw so i don't have one just yet, but this topic is critical to me since I really want one, but need to charge phone with computer), you should be able to take any usb A to micro B cable, plug one end into the computer and the other end into the treo and it should charge it. If you have a laptop, and it is not plugged into the wall, various power settings might not let the usb port send out the full 500ma (the computer is trying to save itself rather than power unknown devices), but if its plugged in, it should power the treo ASSUMINg the treo follows standard USB protocol.

    There are 12V adapter plugs that have a USB A male port so you can take a standard USB A to micro B cable and plug and USB micro B device to it, and it should charge. USB is 5V at 500ma. So you should be able to take ANY USB charging device (your tomtom, your BT, anything you have) and plug any other USB device into it, and it should charge it, no problem, ASSUMING the manufacturer follows the USB spec. Many devices do not , they need more juice, as mentioned above an external HDD, so they have a different power output. But these are not normally a micro b connector.

    Can anyone confirm what I have said to be true with the treo?
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