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    I just came from my Sprint store in Murfreesboro, TN. He let me see one they had in the back for a few minutes. I had my digital camera with me ready to take pics but he just wouldn't let me. He said he would have 3 on Sunday and would hold one for me. He will also call if he gets the go ahead to sell one before then.

    Finally, my thoughts...

    1) I was a bit disappointed in the screen. The resolution looks a lot better than the 700wx, but it seemed dimmer than my XV6800 even at the brightest setting. I like a really bright screen though. The screen popped a lot more on my XV6800 when I pulled it out to compare.

    2) It felt great in the hand. Very sleek and solid feeling...high quality build. Much better than the 700wx or the XV6800.

    3) The screen is recessed quite a bit, but as you can see from the photos we have, the bezel on the sides of the screen is lower than on the top and bottom. You can get in there to tough a bit better because of this.

    3) It is blue, but I thought the color was great. It's not a bright blue or anything, very nice looking all the way around.

    4) The back doesn't have a lot of that soft touch paint on it...not as much as I thought it would have. It seems to have a VERY slightly softer touch to it than a completely smooth back. It's so slight that I kinda thought it was just totally smooth, but after feeling a bit more I think it does have a little of the soft touch paint on it.

    5) It was nice and responsive...but then again nothing was installed yet so that's hard to compare to a device I've been using for awhile.

    He did confirm $350 out the door and a $100 mail in rebate.

    I liked it a lot except for the dim screen. Maybe this will be different with another unit or perhaps the backlight can be boosted with a hack. The screen did feel kinda small, but I'm on a 2.8 screen right now. Is it the same size as the 700 officially?

    Wish I could offer more info, especially pics, but that's all I've got.
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    The screen is definitely dimmer than the 700w or 680. The default setting is just halfway but it still not as bright.
    Something old, something new. I got a ringer switch and 800W .
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    im gonna have to head over to the sprint store on the way home, i may just say screw waiting the month and a half till my 150 rebate kicks in and buy it now

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