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    Just like the thread suggests... I have verizon and I dont want to wait until they get the 800w. Can someone try to see if verizon will activate their 800w? I may have to ebay or try to get one if verizon will.

    Apparently their Open Network Policy should be in effect now. And we know they have 800w of their own branding on their networks already so... its tested and works.

    I would be very grateful if someone would try to see if this works.
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    The Open Network Policy states that the device still has to be tested and certified to work with Verizon. Since the device is not out yet with Verizon and still being tested I doubt they will activate it.
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    wouldn't hurt to try?
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    This will not work. The open policy is pretty much worthless at this point unless you have a GSM/IDEN phone that's unlocked and works on the same bands as your GSM/IDEN carrier...

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