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    I am looking to make the jump from Palm OS to Windows Mobile and looking to replace my staple software. Is there a flight status software for Windows Mobile that you can check the status of airlines and also have the opportunity to check the flight path of a particular flight.

    This was a great software written and curious if there is a program for the WM like this one.
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    I fly quite a bit, and found that Flight Status to be inaccurate(No offense to the author;I couldn't have done that at 17). Even flights I was working would be completely off, as far as delays/cancelations. Although I did like the flight path function, it's just a redirect to a webpage.

    For delays, I use the airlines specific mobile site, like, Every airline has one and they are WAP sites with more current info.

    For Flightpath, I use You have to know the flight number in ATC format, such as Eagle Flight 4321 would be EGF321. Notice the first number is dropped, but this is not true for all airlines. United 1100 would be "UAL1100". That site takes getting use to, but very imformative, as it gives all the flight data such as routing and status.

    I am based out of Chicago, where delay programs are the norm. If your flight has a "wheels up time" or E.D.C.T. (expect departure clearance time), you can check that on the FAA's Website :

    This site is similar to because you need the callsign, but you also need the aircraft type such as E145 or A319.

    Practice first and google what you don't know. PM if you have any questions.
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    I use the website Flight Status to track the status of flights.

    You can enter either a partial airline name or the code for the Airline
    Ex. jetBlue enter partial jetb or the code B6.

    Then enter the flight number.

    Very easy to use.
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    If you are a Style Tap user, FlightStatus ( works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    If you are a Style Tap user, FlightStatus ( works fine.
    Works, but is very innacurate. It used to be good but hasn't worked well for about a year. The site that it pulls info from must be tanking.

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