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    I ordered mine by logging into my sprint account and selecting upgrade. I have not upgraded my phone in about three years. I was able to get the following for myself, my wife and my dad:

    Price 599.99
    Instant Savings 350.00
    MIR 100.00
    Price 149.99 + Tax
    Free Shipping (Ordered on 7/21 and it arrived on 7/22)

    Note: We had 10 phones on our account and we were planning to turn some off. I played with each phone number we had (none were still under contract). Out of 10 phones we had, 6 of them would give me the out the door price of $249.99 and 4 of them gave it at $149.99 ----- I have no idea as to why this was this way, since none had been upgrade for several years
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    I too went through Sprint's Retentions department. I've been utilizing them for several years now... it's how I got my 700P and the 800w last week. I was 6 months away from my 2 year contract's expiration.

    I called directly into Retentions, and I simply stated that I was thinking of jumping ship as the 700p wasn't meeting my needs any longer, but figured I'd give Sprint one more chance to keep my business, as I've been around for years. The CSR was very friendly and helpful and we chatted through my various options. I told him that I wanted the 800w and asked for the $250 pricing on it, and he said no problem. He had to do some goofy things with my account, basically "selling" me the phone for $450, but then putting $200 credit onto my bill, to bring down my effective price to $250.
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