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    Ok i have the serial cable. i have it connected to my COM1 but i cannot get QPST to detect the treo, its not detecting in the hardware profile either.

    i have the treo in diag mode.
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    Is ActiveSync disabled?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Is ActiveSync disabled?
    yes it is.

    i have it plugged into com1 and the hardware profile dont detect anything. im unsure what i need to do.
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    Does it pick it up in bootloader mode?
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    am i supposed ot be in bootloader mode? cuz im in diag mode. i thought thats what qpst used.
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    Try bootloader mode to see if your serial cable is working.

    Take out the battery, unplug all cables.

    Hold the side button.

    Plug in your serial cable.

    You SHOULD see the phone come up in hardware. occurs to may need to manually install the phone as the comp probably won't auto-detect through serial. I posted modem drivers in another thread.
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    ok i will give that a shot right after im done loading my new NV
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    i got nothing nothing in boot loader and modem link will no start on the serial connection.

    this is what i got this cable should work right guys?

    Edit: Modem link says the device does not support a serial modem connection... it should tho

    Edit2: does the serial cable have ot have a emulator chip in it like shadomites?
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