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    I love my Treo 700p. Would like to jump to 800w. But not sure if the Sprint Touch Pro is worth the wait (probably will remove TF3D - inefficient UI IMO) - not sure if I will like the slider keyboard. Don't care much for onscreen keyboards (as in Diamond or iPhone).

    Also need some help in justifying the jump (extra expense in phone, accessories, software, etc). 700p really does everything I need plus. Not sure if the extra features (hardware/software) are worth the jump.

    Brief background: I would like to consider myself a power user I use over 2000 minutes/month, use email & PIM functions extensively, browse the net often, use the camera, use several 3rd party applications (Documents to go Pro, GoogleMaps, etc) and have several customized tools. Treo 600 user prior to 700p.

    Also, probably will stick around with my sprint family plan (on a recently expired retention plan that still beats all plans out there).

    To complicate things, I was also considering waiting for Treo 850, but I don't think I want to jump from my Sprint plan - looks alone will not cut it for me.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    Its mainly the battle between a slider and front-facing keyboard. What the Touch Pro has over the 800w is more ram, faster processor, bigger screen and bigger slide-out keyboard, but in the end the 800w is always going to be faster to navigate and to do small tasks on. If you a "sit down and work" guy the Touch would be perfect, but if you walk and work the 800w would work very well for you.

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    I would hold out for the Touch Pro. I recently mad the switch to the Touch and won't look back. The screen is better, the blutooth actually works and the phone is much slimmer. Palm has dropped the ball and treated us CDMA users as second class citizens when they started working on the 850.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash383 View Post
    the blutooth actually works
    You try a Treo 700wx with the 6.1 bluetooth drivers?

    If you haven't, don't knock it. It's not Palm's fault that WM 5's bluetooth drivers suck.
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    How would i get the 6.1 bluetooth drivers for my 700wx?
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    Look at the stickied threads in the 700wx forum. You have to flash to WM6 in order to get it.
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    Thanks. I am definitely leaning towards Treo. I may wait for the HTC launch in Sept and then decide.
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    Thought this was an interesting size comparison:
    1. Treo 700p
    2. Treo 850
    3. Treo 800w
    4. HTC Touch Pro
    5. HTC Touch Diamond
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoKing View Post
    Thanks. I am definitely leaning towards Treo. I may wait for the HTC launch in Sept and then decide.
    I am in the minority that will get the Touch Pro. 320x320 is too little too late. I want me some of that 640x480 action. I have gotten used to my Touch from the treo 700wx and would never go back to that 240x240 screen. I may get the 800w after I fondle the device, but I doubt it.
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    Is there actually a release date in Sept. or is that just a guess?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtubes View Post
    Is there actually a release date in Sept. or is that just a guess?
    Just a guess, and probably an incorrect one.
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    as much as I love the treo form factor. Those new htc deviced are KILLER!!! I'm soooo getting a touch pro.
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    I'm leaning toward the Touch Pro as well. I love the form factor of the Treo, but I also had a PPC6700 and the KB wasn't a big issue for me. If the Touch Pro has the virtual KB of the Diamond, and I also have the option of the slideout for longer message, it seems like a win-win.

    Some early reviews of the new Touch devices talk about a big slowdown due to TouchFlo, so that's the only concern that I'll need to check into before pulling the trigger.
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