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    At first I was really interested on buying an Instinct but after joining this wonderfull forum i realized that i want the treo 800, even thou i like the outside of the instinct including the large screen. it can not be compared to a smartphone. It's just an advance phone but not PDA. for the software there's always new softwares to make the treo look pretty decent and unique. I have on my treo 700wx the weatherpanel which i like a lot the animation and started using some of the vito's software to include goodwin, funcontact and sms-chat, also use IM+, photo contact pro and most of the SPB's, so i guess there's no need for me to buy the instinct, I can't wait for the Treo 800 to come out, i'll definitly buy it as soon as it comes out. thanks for TC
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    I will be returning my instinct on july 13!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 800w here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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