Before I begin my question I will briefly mention that I did do a search on here about the issue, I always do. So hopefully I can describe this right but I frequently use my 700wx as a modem through my laptop which is running Vista so I don't sync it unless I use WMDC. I have a sync button or I think that's what is that is on the factory usb cable. I know that when i press it, it makes a noise I guess for those who want to sync using XP. Anyway, I have no need to press this button and don't but when I have it makes a quick connecting noise or whatever that sound is. Now when I plug in my 700wx it makes that noise like 3 times and I have no idea why. I can still utilize the phone as a modem fine it's just annoying. Oh and it also does this when I click on the icon on my computer to remove the device. I hope I've described the problem somewhat clearly. I don't really know how to say more. Anyone know what the issue is?