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    I was thinking about getting the Treo 800w when it gets released. After looking at the screenshots, it looks like there is a some form of GPS on the home screen built into the phone. I already knew the phone had GPS, but the home screen GPS definitely seems like something that could be worthwhile using

    Obviously there are no hard facts out about that, I was wondering, is that something that needs the Sprint Navigation feature would need to be added in order to use? I wasn't sure if there are other phones that have something like that Is Sprint Navigation basically Telenav? I currently do not have that option on my account. I have one of the SERO plans that doesn't include it, but I am not looking to get one of the Simply Everything plans.

    I currently have TomTom on my mogul and love it. If Sprint happens to offer me free Sprint Navigation for me reupping my contract, I was trying to figure out if it was worth it or not, since using GPS from the home screen seems to make it much easier.

    Anyone have any thoughts?


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    yeah its especially useful for me as i get drunk a lot and wake up mornings having difficulty knowing which ho's house i am at. it usually takes me 15 minutes to figure out my surroundings, find my clothes and finish last nights beer before I know where I am.

    So I've got my home page set to "which ho's house you at". and within just 2-3 minutes the gps and cell towers tell me exactly where I am.

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