Connective Tools recently updated two time-related utilities for Windows Mobile smartphones.

CT Birthday v1.2 is a useful utility that allows organizing personal base of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates on your Windows Mobile smartphone. The key CT Birthday features are convenient and powerful user interface, flexible reminders, Contacts synchronization, celebrity birthdays, text notes and many other features.

In this update the following functionality were added:

  • Zodiac Signs. In this version CT Birthday can display zodiac signs for birthdays in the list and on the reminder screen.
  • Individual sound configuration. Now you can define and use not only common but also individual sounds for separate dates. Sounds could be played with respect to current profile or ignore it.
  • Individual reminder configuration. Ability to set individual reminder date and time for separate events was added in this version.
  • Icon selection. Now you can select individual icons for your birthdays, anniversaries and other dates. Next time the reminder occurs you'll see this thematic image instead of boring default icon.

WM5 and WM6 smartphones are supported in this version. CT Birthday v1.2 for Windows Mobile Smartphones can be purchased securely for $7.25 from CT Birthday product page. A free 14-days trial version is also available from Connective Tools website.


Alarm Master v3.3 is a powerful alarm manager that helps managing alarms and reminders on Windows Mobile smartphone. In this version the latest additions, previously announced for Alarm Master Pro*, was added to original Alarm Master:

  • Alarm Preview. Now you can test the appearance of alarms right from the main program.
  • Home-plugin extension. In previous version only today alarms could be displayed on the home screen. Now you can select other time period for displaying forthcoming alarms on the home screen.
  • Quick view of alarm note, new occurrence type and other improvements...

* - Alarm Master Pro is a special edition of Alarm Master with desktop companion.

Alarm Master can be purchased securely for $14.75 from Alarm Master product page. The upgrade is free for registered Alarm Master v3.xx users. A free trial version is also available from Connective Tools website.