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    Hi all.

    I bought a Mogul because I wanted GPS and WiFi and while I love those features, I've found that I don't like using the Mogul. Thus, I bought a 700WX to tide me over until the 800W comes out. I absolutely love TomTom's GPS software, it's better than the built in navi systems in my cars that have Navi! In any event, will TomTom work on the 800W just as it does on the Mogul? I won't need to use Sprint's (very $) navigation application right??

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    Tomtom will work...
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    It appears the 800w will have GPS - the real kind, not simply aGPS - simply by this rumored spec that list the GPS operating on the 1.5GHz band, which is the correct frequency for real gps. Sorry if this was stated but I when I saw the 1.5GHz, it's jumped out as the real deal and I don't think I read anywhere saying one way or the other about GPS or aGPS in this unit.

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    I wonder if the built in GPS will function like an external GPS. Will other apps be able to utilize the GPS rx in the 800W or only the built in app that was designed for it??

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