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    I wonder if someone has an answer to this...One thing I'd really like to be able to do, is to copy emails in the Sent folder stored on my 700wx off of it, so I can have them for review later in say Outlook on my desktop.

    I can't find where these are stored on the device, and if they are in .eml format or something that's easily backed up off of the device somehow.

    Can someone shed some light on this? A search didn't turn up a solution, unless running a backup utility is the only option.

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    I imagine a b/u program would work. Heck, you should have one anyway. There's no telling when a hard reset may become necessary. The three that seem to get talked about the most are SPB Backup, Sprite, and Resco Backup.
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    What I really want to do is take the Sent emails and then copy them into Outlook's sent folder on my desktop. For example, on my main PC, I access my email via POP. But I use an IMAP webmail client on occasion. Every once and while, I copy the Sent emails from the Server's sent folder to my local sent folder, so my local sent folder has everything I've ever sent. It's the master.

    Would I have an email that Outlook can read with these backup programs?

    Thanks for replying by the way. I appreciate it.
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    use gmail through imap and also use that same account imap to outlook...
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    So I tried Sprite Backup, but it just gives me a single backup file. I can't explore the file and get to the emails. I found the emails on the 700wx now, but what I pain to get them organized together (they have that mbp extension, and aren't organized by account or folder like "sent.").

    Since I already have a few hundred I'd like to save to my PC, any other ideas?


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