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    Does anyone know how I can connect my Treo 750 to a USB flash drive to copy files? I know how to use the SD card but since I also carry around a number of files on a flash drive, I want to be able to hook up to them from time to time. It seems like somone would have made a cable for this but I can not find one.
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    I don't think the 750 knows how to behave as a USB host. It isn't just a matter of a cable. For that matter, the 750 doesn't look like a USB mass storage device either, so those devices that allow you to copy between two such won't work. Of course, if you connect to a PC, you can open the device in ActiveSync and copy files that way.
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    Instead of carrying around a flash drive, why not carry around a SD card reader. Then you can just use your SD card as your flash drive.

    Otherwise, you'll just have to copy with your PC as the middle man.
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