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    I'm trying to get Audible to work with my Treo 700wx. There's a component, AudibleAir, I need to install on the Treo. I download it directly to the Treo (from a link on the Audible site) and it downloads a 1.6MB installer file which won't execute (it gives me an error saying it's not a recognized file type and I have to open it from within the appropriate application). I've Dld it 3 times, same results; I don't think it's a corrupt download. Any ideas?
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    What the exact file name (including extension).

    Are you sure you don't need to execute it on your PC and install through ActiveSync?
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    It's "AudiblePlayerPack-Installer" There doesn't seem to be a file extension, although perhaps (like its desktop counterpart) Windows Mobile is trying to protect me from knowing about such things. The installation process is poorly documented on the Audible site, but there seem to be two ways to install -- through my PC's Audible software and "wirelessly" to the Treo. The first gives me an error message. So, I tried the second, and got the unexecutable installer on my Treo. I should probably look to Audible support, but I figured I'd try here first in case it's really just a NOOB question about how to run an installer package.

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