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    For more information contact:
    Konstantin Kalinin
    VITO Technology
    Tel +7 905 9544145

    New stylish black skin for businessmen

    VITO Technology releases a new version of FunContact - the best selling contact manager that provides the most exciting and convenient contact management on Windows Mobile touch screen devices. You can do everything with a flick of a finger!

    FunContact 2.15 presents two major new features: a new black skin like in the recently released ZoomBoard and SMS-Chat, and also joystick support. The black skin fits perfectly brand-new Windows Mobile devices hitting the market like HTC Diamond, TyTN II, Touch Pro and all other devices from Touch series as they all have dim color theme.

    The original "fun" skin is still available and allows even serious businessmen to take their ease on vacation and relax. After all your wife is not going to believe you are actually updating your contacts or looking thru the call history even if she notices the sliding screens with exciting animation and bright colors. She might want to have a play with it though, so beware.

    Joystick support has been the outcry from our customers since FunContact was released. New FunContact gives you the choice: you can scroll the list with a finger or with a joystick. Both variants are very convenient, and though the main idea of FunContact is to manage contacts with finger, some FunContact users addicted to joystick now can also benefit by performing all the basic operations in FunContact like calling, texting ,etc. with joystick.

    FunContact is available for $19.95 at FunContact supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

    VITO Technology Inc. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Windows Mobile and Symbian software, GPS navigation and custom projects. Introduced in this press-release FunContact is a finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile touch screen devices.
    VITO Technology 2008. All rights reserved.

    Download FunContact:

    PS Download and try this software. If you like it, publish a review to it or post a comment to it on your favorite forum, anywhere online, then contact me. You will get a FREE COPY fro this.
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    i definitly like the new version, i have it with sms chat and goodwin trial
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    Did anyone else try to get the free copy? I mentioned it and described it over on flyertalk at the end of July and still haven't heard anything from kon about it. Can't say the customer service impresses that much, though the product itself was kind of cool.
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    New version is awesome

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