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    I see Flexmail 4.00 (Build 2716) is out. Anyone using it? Is it worth the 29.95?

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    It's worth the money. I purchased a copy of Flexmail 4 to read
    HTML emails and it syncs great with gmail and MS Exchange.

    Much better than Pocket Outlook.

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    Hey Dwallom, does your organization have Exchange 2007? I know that for WM6's version of outlook, Exchange 2007 server has to be installed as HTML email will not work on Exchange 2000 or 2003.

    I'm curious as I have exchange 2003 on my network and am stuck with it for a while. I'm also stuck with a 700w which speaks for itself.

    That would be great if Flexmail will accept HTML email with these older Exchange servers pushing the mail.


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