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    I recently installed Sony's MEX-BT2600 stereo unit in my car, which has built-in support for Bluetooth handsfree and wireless stereo... and works pretty nicely too. Thanks to Hannip's A2DP hack, I've been able to play music from my Alltel 700wx w/o wires!

    Funny thing is tho, while the stereo will quickly connect to my phone when I turn it on, it only does so for the handsfree profile. In order to connect for wireless stereo, I have to go into the Bluetooth settings dialog on my Treo, over to the pairing list, then select "Set as Wireless Stereo". Every time I start the car, this must be repeated.

    Anyone know a better way? My brother's Nokia N95 connected both automatically. I tried setting my Treo to use the car stereo only with A2DP, but then it didn't automatically connect at all...

    Actually, if anyone knows of a good freeware app to make controlling Bluetooth less of a pain, that would be helpful too!
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    Have you tried the 6.0/6.1 Hybrid "Testing 2" ROM that I posted? (See stickied thread.)
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    I haven't yet... flashing the ROM seemed like a pretty risky way to try and solve the problem. Is this one of the issues addressed with the update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by D4v1d View Post
    Is this one of the issues addressed with the update?
    Very possible. The WM 6.1 bluetooth drivers are incredibly better than the WM5 ones.

    Note that I've since released a Testing 3 ROM.
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    teksoft'd A2DP toggle should sort you out.

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    The A2DP toggle was just what I was looking for, but couldn't seem to find. Now when I turn my phone on, it has the wireless stereo connected before it even plays the startup sound! Thanks!

    Also, Ebag333... I want to try out the newer ROMs, but ATM I can't afford for something to go wrong with it - either the time or money required if I screwed something up. LOL

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