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    Is anyone picking up the T-Mobile 2100mhz UMTS signal on their unlocked 750 in NYC? Would this even work?
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    Nope.... Tmobile is on 1700/2100. Your Treo only has WCDMA 850 / WCDMA 1900 / WCDMA 2100 antenna.

    I frequent through NYC weekly and see a nice big edge "E" icon only.

    If I drop in my AT&T sim, I see "3G" we are both SOL with the Treo 750 on Tmobiles AWS 3G band
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    are there any smartphones that will work in T-Mo's new network?
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    Since they're using a new set of frequencies for 3G, you'll probably have to wait for them to release some new handsets. Last I read, they will be releasing some "in the coming months".

    Here's a table of the frequencies used for 3G.

    Most of North America uses band 2. Tmobile bought most of the blocks in band 4 to deploy their 3G network (formerly used by MMDS and wireless cable). Since they're the only ones playing in that spectrum now, and have so far only rolled it out in NYC, you'll probably have to wait for a decent handset selection that can take full advantage of the network.

    Hopefully, the manufacturers will be smart enough to include bands 1 and 2 also so you can roam on 3G both domestically and in the EU. (Treo 750 uses bands 1,2, & 5 making it compatible in most global markets.)
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