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    I have a Treo 750 running WM6 and Goodlink and am unable to get the Caller ID Contacts Picture functioanlity to work.

    What In am wondering is if Good is creating some issue with the caller ID picture functionality. I have associated pictures to the native WM contacts (pocket outlook), but hwen I get a call from someone in that I have as a contact with a picture, the notification box still only shows the generic phone icon. I have been told that Good does not affect the "phone" functionality, just email, etc.

    Got me wondering whether I'm missing something in the process of what I'm doin or if this is application conflict...

    Any help out there?

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    Sorry to hear you are having to cripple an otherwise great mobile device with a Good mobile application. There is a dedicated thread on Good here:

    You can read all about its bugs and limitations there. Unfortunately you have found one of the most frustrating bugs of Goodlink/GMM. It totally cripples the excellent features of the today screen: speed dial, picture speed dial, caller ID and native contact lookup. You will also see a sharp decline in your battery life as it is impossible to turn GMM off. And its unprecedented footprint will cripple many other 3rd party software programs as well. Welcome to the hostage crisis. Unless you are a really savvy hacker with windows mobile and the registry I suggest you get Goodlink off of your phone if at all possible. Otherwise your expensive device will be little more than a phone and a Goodlink device. Read the Goodlink forums in depth and judge for yourself.
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    I never understood why anyone (corporations included) would want to use goodlink on WM devices when they can do everything goodlink does natively.

    Good luck un-gooding your device.
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