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    All of a sudden I cant seem to open my inbox or email button on my AT&T branded Treo 750, its the left soft button but when I click it doesnt open. I uninstalled the last couple programs I installed too... one was the new AIM Mobile and the other I forget off the top of my head. None, both still dont work, so I went into ActiveSync and deleted my two connections, one was for Exchange and the other my desktop PC, rebooted the device and still nothing... any ideas? Other programs including Opera and IE open fine, but when I click Inbox it does nothing

    could it be that I need a new tmail.exe ? Anyone got one from a similar setup?
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    Unless the actual button hardware has failed, you probably broke a link in your registry.

    This is why I recommend running backups prior to installing unfamiliar software. It doesn't always uninstall clean.

    Load your last good backup and see if it goes away.
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