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    I currently have the 700w and have been waiting for the 800w for sometime now. Very excited about it!!! Everyone who uses a treo understands why it is the perfect form even if its not the most appealing to look at (although not bad IMO!). They know this and we know this so please don't bash it in this thead please.

    My Goal - To get the phone up and running with all the best software/mods right from the start.

    Just as the first treo held a "square" resolution display so does this one... I have a short list of software that is compatible with the 800w but I am wondering what all you guys plan on doing with yours.

    Here's my current list (All expected to work good):

    TCPMP Divx Codec (Watch Divx Movies)
    Palringo (IM Software)
    Slingbox Mobile
    TomTom Navigator 6
    Tank Ace 1944
    Machines At War 1.1
    Tetris 2.0
    Isotope244 Atomic Cannon
    NES Emulator 1.9.1
    Warfare Incorporated 1.2

    I am interested in using it as a modem... Currently use June Fabrics PDA net but can this be done stable without (I hear bluetooth dun?) My treo freezes while using this software sometimes but I think it's because there is hardly any free storage on my device.

    I am interested in any information that can make my experience improve with the device. Remote control, phone as modem, war driving wifi software, exploits, mods, themes, device/OS tweaks, whatever ya got.

    What do you plan on doing with yours software/mod wise? If you have something please provide me with more information... I like how I've seen peoples moguls with the Touch's interface. Any software like that to try?
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    Also, any idea how to get picturemail on this thing if Sprint still decides NOT to fix this?
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    I'll flash Windows Mobile 7 onto it.
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    MMS = sMMS (look for it at ppcgeeks)

    WiFi = peek pocket

    Music = Pocket Tunes for WM (they already have 320x320 skins and Treo support)

    Plus there's tons of GPS apps out there, like Find Me.

    Also, shameless plug: check out (TreoCentral sister site; overlapping forum) and our weekly software roundup and various weekly reviews to keep abreast of cool stuff out and coming out ;-)

    WMExperts: News, Reviews & Podcasts + Twitter
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    Great response... Keep them coming I really do appreciate it. Windows Mobile 7... When it comes out you mean or did I miss something? Whats gonna be the big differences expected?
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    Weatherpanel, sling creations treo alert for led management, codyppc personalizer to get rid of the words "Sprint" on the today screen. Wisbar advance for skinning and task management and finally sktools to keep things running smoothly.

    There are also half a dozen or so essential registry tweaks for battery, sms, etc.
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    Spb PocketPlus (I like the tabbed interface so much better)

    Side button hack. Assuming the device has no side button assignments natively (only "side - hold").

    Hide carrier line (Today Plug In).

    AE ButtonPlus (Registry Hack)

    And a host of others but those are the main ones that give me the base functionality and "look & feel" that I like to have.
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    Thanks again for the feedback... Even if they are just little stuff that you adjust - let us know at the boards so we can live a better life!!
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    I was going to start this thread about a week before release if no one else had. I have a directory on my SD card with CABs of the most useful programs on my phone, ready to install on a new device when the time should come.

    On an aside, has anyone used the cross-device restore capabilities in apps like Sprite Backup or SPB Backup 2.0? I'm relatively certain it wouldn't work but if someone has successfully done this I might be able to save an hour or eight.

    Here we go:

    *First to be Installed*
    StyleTap - I hope StyleTap will find the ST directory on the SD card and generate all the exes. That alone will allow me to bring over 200 Palm apps. I can't wait to run hi-res versions of Palm apps on the 800w's 320x320 screen. Thanks StyleTap!
    Ctrl Key Pro - this is an absolute timesaver. 60 apps only 2 seconds away!
    Resco Explorer w/ FTP and Today plug-ins - I'll be doing a lot of file browsing during the installation process so I might as well get the best and install it early
    GS Player
    DTG (Palm)
    Device Lock
    Opera Mini w/ JBed
    Today Agenda - thanks Mal for pointing out this gem
    Resco Picture Viewer
    TCPMP w/ FLV plug-in
    Splash Money
    Live Search
    Google Maps

    Tom Tom
    Slovo Ed
    Resco Recorder
    UPX - although I won't be using it nearly as much
    XPU Scalar - may not work with a new processor type
    PTVBrowser (Palm)
    Metro (Palm)
    Bee Line GPS
    GPS Speed Sentry
    eReader (Palm)
    Stock Broker Pro (Palm)

    *Tools / Hacks*
    Soft Reset
    SPB Backup
    Random regs (datetime2, cDate2
    SK Tools
    SK Schema
    Tweaks 2k2
    Phone w/ disconnect
    Opera Mini as Default Browser Hack
    USB Modem
    Active Print

    PPC Geeks' Picsel Viewer
    Resco Radio
    Pocket Stars
    VITO Sound Editor
    VITO Sound Explorer
    MM Pocket Navigator

    PocketGBA - should work without NYDITOT on the 320x320 screen

    That doesn't include the games I don't play that much or, as mentioned above, the 200 or so Palm apps.

    My rules for installing apps are simple: if an app falls into one of the following categories, it must provide unique functionality that I would actually use, or it won't even get installed:

    1) slow down the device
    2) take up real estate on the today screen
    3) drain the battery excessively
    4) take up a footprint of more than ~3MB in built-in storage

    All these apps works great on my Treo 700wx and with some smart management tips, I still have 20MB free on-device storage and almost NEVER suffer from slowdown.

    I can't wait to test out the GPS capabilities of this device. Honestly, if the GPS disappoints, I might just stay with my 700wx until I can try the Raphael. But the first new Treo upgrade in over 2 years won't disappoint, right Palm?
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    Heres my list

    PIE plus
    1 handed navigation hack for pie
    AE buttons plus (essential for me)
    Agende One
    Today Agenda
    Resco Explorer
    Google Maps (now w/ gps - sweet!)
    Pocket Tunes for WM (thanks mala, didnt know this was out yet - it rox!)
    Pocket Player (for podcasts)
    Splash Money for windows
    Octrotalk (google talk)
    Sailing Clicker (PC media Remote Control)
    SKTools (tweaks etc)
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    My thanks to everyone for the great tips also. But as a life long Palm OS user (currently on the 650) who is finally going to make the plunge to WM on the 800, could I impose on you a bit more and ask for a one sentence description of each of these apps? I am very familiar with most of the POS add-ons, but not so much with the ones for WMs.

    I am also very interested in which of these plug "gaps" between the POS and WM Treos (e.g. does WM Treo allow you to assign a quick launch app to every key on the keypad or do you need an add-on for this?), which are just the WM version of similar POS add-ons, and which are just new additional functionality that is useful.

    Also, I have the following major add-on on my 650, which of these are still needed on a WM Treo? (vs. being already included in WM functionality)

    PDANet - seems like still need the WM version to avoid tethering detection

    CardExport - makes your PC think your SD card is a USB memory stick, similar functionality already built-in to WM?

    VolKeys - allows you to scroll using Volume Keys, particularly in some apps where D-pad does not work. is this still an issue on the WM Treos?

    VolumeCare - volume booster. Realize this is prob more of a function of how well the 800 speakers will work

    KeyCaps - allows you to do caps and numbers w/o using shift or alt keys by leaving keys pressed down or double clicking quickly

    FileZ - file manager

    RNS TreoNaviText (TNT) and TreoSelectText (TST) - allows you to highlight entire words and lines easily, dial phone number from text in any application

    TreoAreaCodes (TAC) - displays name of city/state with map on incoming calls

    Of course, I know I will have to get new versions of all my games. But I will finally be able to get my Slingbox on my phone, and of course GoogleMaps will be built-in (with GPS!)

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    Most of my Palm games DO work well on the WM Treo running StyleTap (except for the fact that they're running low-res on the 700wx). They will run in hi-res glory on the 800w.

    PDA Net - I've used Mobistream's USB Modem with good success and without PDANet's exorbitant cost
    Card Export - there's a version for WM. There are also some WM freeware options but CardExport works like a true removable drive, with no SW to install on the PC
    FileZ - you can use this through StyleTap. Resco Explorer is not free, but is a very potent file manager for WM
    VolKeys - there are probably registry hacks to replicate this behavior, but I've never used them
    TST - I do miss this, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I have not actively sought a replacement
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    For Keycaps there's MagicKB.

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