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    Only saw one thread in here with pictures of this bad boy.. pretty interesting.

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    Unless that dude's got huge hands, that device is a size I could live with.
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    It's hard to be sure, but it looks much thinner than earlier versions.
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    I stopped by the local Sprint store here. They didn't have an exact release date (they were saying Sept ), but they said it's basically a Centro with WM on it.

    If it's Centro size, could be interesting.
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    I believe the release date will be July 13th.
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    Its curious how they are able to fit those chicklet keys (which i love about my Treo) into the Centro's size.
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    It's looking pretty good, I'm really looking forward to this phone coming out, one of the local stores I went to the other day said it will be released on the July 13th, so he took all my info and said he would call me as soon as one came in. We'll see what happens... I'm really curious as to what the finial rendering will be
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    Give Me More Pictures Please :d
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    boom, front paged.

    thx Matthew

    ps as I mention in the article, these are the earlier tester versions (see the serial blurred out?), so obviously these were from weeks/months ago. The final is still a bit different.

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    I don't believe it'll be centro-sized. I'm guessing that it'll be roughly Treo-sized but thinner.
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    I wonder if at least two of these pictures were taken from the Treo's camera? If so, it's not too good. But then again, who cares when you have Wi-Fi, EV-DO Rev.A and 320x20 resolution I just hope the release date doesn't get pushed back. Oh, I've been waiting years for this. I would have gotten the 700WX but couldn't stand the 240x240 resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew_Love84 View Post
    Only saw one thread in here with pictures of this bad boy.. pretty interesting.

    I guess Mr. Blurry cam has a twin. Can't any of these "people-in-the-know" take any better pics?

    Anyway, i hope blue isn't the only colour. I'm hoping for a black or a less loud colour and a less than $250 price range, otherwise me-no-buy.
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    It appears to be almost the same size as a mogul according to the specs listed on another thread.

    800w: 112 mm x 58 mm x 18.5 mm
    Mogul: 110 mm x 59 mm x 18.5 mm
    Moto Q9c: 117 mm x 65 mm x 12 mm

    2 mm taller and 1 mm narrower isn't much. Hopefully it is a little more rounded in the back than the mogul. The mogul is much shorter than my current Moto Q9c (7 mm) and not as wide (6 mm).

    Imagine the Mogul with a treo keyboard and 5 way added. The screen is likely to be the same width as the mogul screen.

    The mogul size isn't bad, I just wish it wasn't quite so thick. The thickness is roughly 6.5 mm thicker than my moto q9c you would think the battery would be at least similar in size to my Q's 2100 mA battery instead of the 1100 mA they are advertising. Hopefully it will last a full day on 1 battery.
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    Here is a side by side of the Mogul and Treo 800w.

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    Started out with the Centro but missed the WM OS and the larger screen. Wanted GPS built in instead of a GPS puck, so I got a Touch and cooked a ROM, works great, fast and solid, and the GPS with Garmin is perfect. But I misses the keyboard so I'm waiting for the 800w. Just hope the screen is as nice as the Touch.
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    That pic of the 2 Treos side by side shows how truly thin they are, and gives some indication of the exterior finish. Both are great, and if Palm will improve upon this, I think they have a winner.
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    glad you guys enjoy the pictures!
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    Frankly - who cares?

    Apparently if it's not mass market, lowest-common-denominator kit, Palm doesn't support it.

    My $579 755p can't even get "My Location" for Google maps while the Centro does. Palm needs to figure out that they can't screw their business customers in favor of tweens and the mass market and then expect them to be loyal and/or pay premiums for abandoned devices.

    If anyone wonders why RIM has almost 50% of the smartphone market - stop wondering.

    If you plunk down large change on the "800w" - what are you going to do when it's buggy and Palm is 1) Silent, then 2) Promises fixes that don't come, then 3) After a long long wait provides fixes that just makes things worse, and finally 4) Abandons the platform.

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    Who cares about the 700p or 755p? I don't.

    The Centro is a solid device (love mine) and the 700wx, while quite old, is still a solid performer (plus with WM6, it has new life again).

    Palm is not going to "abandon" WM and even if they did, that has nothing to do with 800w being a good, solid device or not.

    I'll gladly plop down my money for the 800w and if I don't like within 30 days, back it goes. Big deal, big whoop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Who cares about the 700p or 755p? I don't.
    Palm doesn't either. That's why they lost > 50 million dollars last quarter while selling Centros like crazy.

    Of course, RIM just posted their profit of almost 500 million dollars this quarter....

    It makes no sense for Palm to put all their support around a device that makes them no money, while simultaneously alienating it's premium-paying business customers.

    So - ask a 700p user if they feel "abandoned". The majority of them have been left with a glitchy / buggy device with no hope of any support in sight.


    If you get your 800w, you better make sure it's PERFECT in that first 30 days or you're screwed.

    PS: I'm not exactly alone in my opinion, either:
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