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    Hello all. I've been lurking around your forums this afternoon trying to take in what I can. You guys seem to have enough information here for any noob here.

    Unfortunately, I still have a few questions. Let me tell you a little about my setup first though. I have the 700WX from Verizon. On my plan I have the insurance, unlimited calling, unlimited data and unlimited text.

    1) Why can't I tether the phone? I have two laptops, one runs XP the other Vista. No luck. Is there something else I have to pay for to enable this?! I had an HTC phone from Cingular. 'Hermes' for those familiar. I didn't have to pay for anything additional. Please tell me I'm just overlooking something.

    2) Should I take my money back and wait for something else? I'm not interested in the iPhone. I hear there's an 800w coming out soon, but no one knows just how soon. I've also considered the 755p. I could take this back now and do a straight exchange. I've never played with Palm OS though. I consider myself pretty tech saavy. I've heard Palm OS is as watered down as it gets. Decisions, decisions..,

    Let me know what you guys think.
    Thanks in advance.
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    The best thing out there is to download/purchase PDAnet from It works great with XP but I've had some minor connection problems with VISTA, probably just me though. It's worth the money and very easy to use.
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    The 800W IS coming out soon (poss July), but only on Sprint for the time being. It could be a while before VZW adds it to their line up. As for switching to the Palm OS, you're right about it being watered down. Not many improvements there. I think your best bet is to stay with your 700WX. The combination of WM and the 128 MB of memory make it a pretty respectable device, although it's going on two years old (I think). I've had mine for almost a year and have no complaints about it's performance (it's interface with Vista is another matter, however). Besides, if you switched to the Palm OS we'd have to throw you off this site...LOL

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