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    If you have used the original DashWire, or have to check it out!! It works great, and is easy to use!!

    Dashwire offers the industry leading connected service to help people
    effortlessly connect their mobile phones with their computers and the web.
    As you've seen with the Apple MobileMe and Nokia OVI initiatives, the
    connected services space is on fire, creating exciting opportunities and
    demand for a free, cross-platform solution like Dashwire.

    As you know, Dashwire helps users take the contacts, text messages, calls,
    photos, videos, and settings from their phones to the web, where they can
    backup their stuff, search & interact with their information, and share
    their experiences with friends and social sites. Dashwire keeps the phone
    and the web constantly connected, so that the stuff done on one
    automatically shows up on the other in just a few seconds.

    Up to this point, we've primarily focused on helping users effortlessly
    bring their mobile phone and content it captures up to the web. Starting
    next week, a major focus for us going forward will also be enabling users to
    bring the content they care about from the web instantly down to their
    phones, and allowing them to interact with it in a fast, new user interface.

    Our new Dashwire Mobile release is the first of many big steps in this
    direction. Available on for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6,
    new features include:

    . Graphical phone experience featuring user avatar, status updates,
    and media gallery

    . Interact from their phones with photos & videos located on their
    Dashwire web accounts or uploaded from their computers - even if the actual
    media files aren't on their phones

    . Share media items with friends - as they're captured

    . Mobile photo & video blogging

    . Control privacy & media publishing from their phones

    . Remotely update current status to Facebook & Twitter

    You can check out a video demo of Dashwire 2.0 by visiting: Symbian S60 will be available in
    Q3 08.

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    Appreciate the coverage! Great job

    Quickly, the link you posted for the demo video of the new Mobile Client 2.0 doesn't work for some reason.

    Here's a link that should:

    Thanks again.
    Dashwire Free Mobile Phone Backup, Contact Sync, Web Text Messaging, Photo & Video Uploads, and Connection to your Social Networks

    Are you using the latest version of the Dashwire Mobile client (
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    Glad to see you made your way over here!! I hope others here take advantage of the great support you give at PPCGeeks and your home site as well!!!

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    Why is it free and/or will it eventually cost?

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