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    I was just given a mini WiFi card as a gift for my 750 over the weekend and although I know where to place it in my phone, I do not have a clue as to what to do to make it work. This will let me access the internet? Do I need to be at a "hot spot" in order to access internet?

    Yes, I know nothing about this stuff.....very newbie here when it comes to 750 and the tecnical aspects outside of dialing a call LOL

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    I assume this is a Spectec card, as that's the only one I know of. You will need the driver software from the manufacturer's web site.

    Yes, you will need to be somewhere there is available Wi-Fi, such as hotspots. When you insert the card, it should locate available access points and allow you to select one. Really, it's much like a laptop PC with Wi-Fi. You'll have to connect to an access point, and if it's a kind that requires logging in, you'll do that just like a laptop. If the access point requires WEP or WPA security, you'll have to set that up.

    If you are using the AT&T network, you will need to disable the AT&T proxy service - this is done with the Proxy Manager application on AT&T branded Treos. Otherwise Internet Explorer will not work.

    I sometimes find I have to do a soft reset of the Treo to get it to recognize the card.
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    Yes, it is a spectec. How do I access the Proxy Manager to disable the proxy service?
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    Actually the phone is AT&T branded but it is unlocked and I use T-Mobile. Dio I still need to disable proxy service, and if so, how do I locate the Proxy manager?
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    If it has the AT&T software, then Proxy Manager is a normal-looking application in Programs. But if you can get MSIE to work at all on T-Mobile, then you don't need to worry about the Proxy Manager.

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