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    I have a Lexus GS430 and read in this forum that even though Lexus says a Treo will not pair with the GS430, it really does. The problem though is that sometimes when I get in the car and fire up the rocket, it says "Bluetooth connection failed".

    Is there some way around this or is this the reason Lexus will not list Treo as a phone it supports?

    Also, is there any news about how this might be more reliable in the next generation Treo - since I really like the Treo brand of phone?

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    Try software called Jetware. It is available from I had a similar issue with my TREO and my Ford. It fixed the connectivity problem.
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    It's not your car, but Microsoft's BT stack. It's notoriously buggy and doesn't work well with others. I have the same problem w/ my 700WX staying connected to my Prius. The BT issue also affects connectivity with earpieces. I had to hunt long and hard to find a BT earpiece that the BT stack would work with (BlueAnt's Z9)
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    Tried the WM5/6 custom ROM's yet?

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