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    I followed all instructions and when I voice the car to place a car it flashes a "Dialing 555-555-5555" on the car's screen then nothing happens. I used the "5's" here as an example. Nothing seems to happen at all on the phone. Car does not have the Nav system.

    Are other G-35 owners using this bluetooth hook successfully?
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    Hmm.. no experience with that car, but something you mentioned strikes me as odd.

    You said the CAR display shows it's dialing. Can a hands free device initiate a call?? It seems like normally it would act as a BT audio device and Voice Command on the Treo would handle the interpretation and dialing. Again, I could be wrong as I've never messed with builtin BT in cars.
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    I have a g35x and the bluetooth works great (really good quality) too!

    is it sync'd properly?
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    I have no experience with the Infinity, but it works great with the BT in my Acura. I'd have to go with mikeinet. Can you delete the pairing info from the car and the phone and try to start over from scratch?

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