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    i've had my 700wx through sprint for a while now. i did not install the threaded messaging, however.. i'm a texting addict. the 160 character limit has always seemed to inhibit me! i did a hard reset on my phone yesterday and today when i was texting, i got to the end of my message (usually it will stop and say 160/160) and it let me keep typing!! it simply said 163/320 (2 messages). i was so bewildered at this, i immediately backspaced and it disappeared! i've been trying to do it again all day and it never happened. i know the 650's can split up messages but ive always been told the 700wx isnt capable. was this just a glitch? an update? a secret i didnt know about? i'm not super saavy wth downloads and stuff but i'm pretty solid with the texting. been researching on here and havent seen anything. anyone have any info??
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    my treo always would brake it up into separate messages from the get so idk why that seems new to you. the issue lies here basically unless its the carrier your texting and yours is the same then it will wrk.. if not it may not.
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