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    I am a new 750 user. Used to have a 650 and used Volume Care to boost phone and app volumes.

    I find the 750 volumes inadequate. Has anyone found a solution to boost device volumes?

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    I'm assuming your user name is also a self description, if so I also fit the profile:-)

    Something must be wrong....I have a Treo 750 WM6 on Telstra Australia, it is only about 4>5 weeks old but the volume is fine, I have some industrial deafness and use the speaker phone quite often when I making notes, again volume is fine.

    In normal use (Without speaker phone) people with me can often hear the other party if they are within a metre of me.
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    Make sure your "in call" volume is set properly. When you're not on a call and you press the volume buttons, you can set the PDA and phone RINGER volumes.

    There is a third "in call" volume setting. You have to adjust the volume while you're on a call.

    Beyond that, you could either use a BT headset or the speakerphone.
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    Hmmm..maybe I do have a hardware issue. My speaker phone volume is pretty good, but the phone voice volume, ringer and app volumes leave a lot to be desired. Guess I'll have to consider a replacement if it doesnt improve.

    Thanks for the reply
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    Thanks for the reply and the instructions. I checked the pre call settings and both are maxed. I'll ck my call voice volume next time I'm on a call. Also, I am using a bt headset that had good volume when I used my 650. (so I assume it's not that)

    I thought I ran across a thread when browsing a few days back where someone manually recereated sound files and boosted the volumes.I just cant find it again. Not sure which discussion group it might have been. Anyone recall that thread or a registery setting tweak?


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