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    Hello forum I just registered here and I need help on my phone, its from alltel the 700wx. Its firmware version is 142 software version 1.11 I know it needs to be updated but alltel doesnt have a update for it can I use sprints or verizon's? All they had was a PRL update which was suppose to fix the data stall issue. I still have it. Is it true that it is a issue with the phone or evdo?

    I disabled the error report also on still does not fix it. It seems to data stall only when I get alot of data in. I have to disable images when I browse, sometimes it does it on its own. I really want this fixed is there a way to do this? Thanks alot! Im pretty computer savvy so I tryed alot of different settings and what not to fix it. This is were im stuck at now...

    Btw I use pdanet to connect, usb modem link freezes my 700wx... im going nuts here...
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    I'm a little lost are you talking about using your phone as a modem you get a data stall or when your just browsing the web on your phone? also define data stall?
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    When I use it as a modem to connect to the internet through my laptop. Would a custom rom fix this? I tryed the sprint and verizon updates told me that its not compatible with my alltel phone...not sure what to do..
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    After doing much research I have an rssi of 83 to 90. This could be my problem. I only get one bar in my room. I have not tested outside much to see if I would still lose connection.I read alot from years ago that the 700wx is no good and still read some here n there now recently. I suppose I should get an amplifier or a wireless repeater ? What would you guys recommend me to do? If its the amplifier or repeater could you recommend me to one. I am a 900 mhz

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