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    Yeah that helps. That's what I figured. Not sure I'll actually do that, but I'm just feeling out the possibilities. Thanks again guys.
    Quite honestly, unless you go to a device with GPS built in (800w will be out soon), and you get the software, or get a data plan and utilize a map app, I would just purchase a stand-alone GPS for the car, you can get a good one for about the same price as the hardware + software for the device you have now.

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    My IOGear GPS (GBGPS201) works wonderfully with 6.1 bluetooth drivers and under WM 6.0.

    Didn't work so well in WM5. The software was junk too. I prefer to use Google Maps, though I should get some software I can use off-line (for times when I'm roaming or don't have service).

    It was cheap too, ~$75 IIRC.
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    Next question:

    How can I have the phone pause and then dial an extension for a saved phone number?
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