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    I had to replace my 700WX the other day. Now I have two folders on my desktop: 1. Treo My Document and 2. WM_Pap My Document. I know that I only need one but based on the forums and palms website sight I don't know which one to delete. I think it should be WM_Pap My Document Folder. I know I can drag the information that is different to the folder I will keep. There in lies my question. I did not think that my partnership changed because I replaced my old 700wx but I guess it did. So if anyone can provide me some insight it will be greatly appreciate it.

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    Have you tried looking at the properties of the folders and seeing which one is newer?

    Chances are the newer one is the one you wanna keep..

    You could test it by putting a file in the folder, doing a sync and seeing if it shows up on your treo...

    Plus I believe there is a place to change the name of the folder in the settings for your sync. If you look there it should tell you the name of the folder you are using.


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