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    [06-10-2008] NEW VERSION - sMMS v0.6.2.46941 - Sprint Picture Mail

    I would like to thank all of the sMMS Testers, Donators, and Supporters. I am very excited to announce the next release of sMMS. I have made major changes and additions in the last few weeks. The first and most important feature is Inbox syncing. You will now be able to view your Inbox, Sent, and Saved Messages right on your phone. No more browser hacks or using a PC. We have also added SMS Intercept, which catches that annoying Picture Mail SMS message and gives you the ability to download the multimedia message directly to your phone. No more clicking the link and opening PIE to view a Multimedia Message! Yes, I said Multimedia message! That means sMMS can even handle downloading videos and animated gifs! The "Messages" area of sMMS has your Inbox, Sent and Saved Messages. This is Finger Flick friendly. Use your finger to navigate! (Sorry SP users, not for you). I also added the ability to make changes to sMMS via the registry. You can control some of the behaviors of sMMS. The themes now support images! This should excite some of you (if not most). There is also now an "Update" option from within sMMS. Yes, that means you can update directly from sMMS. Awesome! You can also reply to messages using sMMS Composer dialog. There were also some minor changes, please see the changelog for the details. (Hint: check the first post).

    Ok. Now for the not so good news. After so many comments on offering a version of sMMS without an expiration, I have decided to go ahead with this. However, to keep the project from dying, I have decided to create a licensing structure. Everyone who has already donated to sMMS will be grandfathered in and will get a full version automatically. Anyone in the future who wants a full version of sMMS will have to donate a minimum of $5. This wasn't an easy decision to make. I wanted to keep this program free, but I also don't want it to die. I figure if people were to get a version without an expiration, they wouldn't have a reason to come back here to contribute. So, I went ahead and removed the timebomb. But, I added some nag screens instead. If you like sMMS and want to see it get better (or just want to get rid of the screens), all I ask you to do is donate a minimum of $5. Other people have donated alot more than that.

    So, the bottom line is. There is no more time bomb. There will be a "licensed" and "unlicensed" version. The licensed version will have all the features listed. The unlicensed will have limitations and nag screens.

    Thank you again for all your contributions. I hope my decision hasn't upset too many people.

    P.S. Check out the YouTube video of sMMS created by SomeGuyMMS...

    Donations Appreciated

    This application can be used to send MMS (Picture Mail) for Sprint Customers. Messages will be sent via "Sprint Picture Mail". It should be an easy solution to the MMS issue, for most users. You still have the same limitations as Picture Mail, not Video support and only able to send JPEGs.

    Supports sending messages to Phone Numbers or Email addresses. Messages sent to Email addresses will send a link. Which will allow users to view the pictures in their browser. Messages to Phone Numbers should work like anyother MMS for most providers, Sprint has a list of supported providers.


    WM5, WM6 PPC / SP
    .NET 2.0+ (If needed here is .NET CF 3.5)
    ActiveSync Install Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

    ActiveSync Install
    1. Unzip at the bottom of this post.
    2. Connect Phone to PC and verify ActiveSync is active
    3. Double-click on the EXE file included in the zip file.


    CAB Install
    FYI: How To: Install, Uninstall, and Transfer Files on Windows Mobile
    1. Unzip file at the bottom of this post and then copy the CAB file to your Phone
    2. Using the File Explorer, click on the CAB file to launch it
    3. You can install the app to your Device, Ext ROM or SD Card - SMARTPHONES WILL REQUIRE A SOFT RESET BEFORE LAUNCHING
    4. Once installed, go to "Start => Programs" and click the sMMS icon
    5. When open go to "Menu => Settings" to enter your SPRINT PICTURE MAIL Login information. You can get your Picture Mail Password from
    6. Click Save.

    * Ability to view Inbox, Sent, Saved Messages
    * Intercept Picture Mail SMS message and download received message
    * View messages with Videos, Animated GIFs, JPGs
    * Sync local inbox with Picture Mail Server
    * Finger Flick friendly message list
    * Configure sMMS from Registry
    * Themes support images
    * Donator / Full Version Licensing
    * In Application updating
    * Removed Timebomb
    * Reset Idle Timer during Inbox Syncing and Message Sending
    * Ability to turn off Sent Notification from registry - ShowSent (true) = Shows the sent Confirmation on successful sending
    * Fixed Tab order for Settings Screen for Smartphones
    * Reply to message using sMMS Composing Dialog

    * Real-time Theme Refresh
    * Detects Picture Mail Site Outages better

    FAQ: Please Read!!!

    1) Why do I need to use sMMS to send MMS messages?
    A few months ago, Sprint blocked MMS sending using a PDA/PPC device. Sprint recommended that PDA users use the Sprint Picture Mail website. Great, for whatever reason they blocked MMS, they atleast offered a workaround/solution. sMMS helps users upload and send photos using their Picture Mail website.

    2) Why can't you make sMMS send videos, my friend has Picture Mail on her phone and can send video?
    sMMS uses the Picture Mail website not the Picture Mail service offered to "Normal" cell phone users. The way sMMS is built, it can not do anything that the Picture Mail website does not do. And the Picture Mail website does not let you upload videos. You can receive video, just can't upload or send them.

    3) So this actually uses Sprint's pic mail system/servers (ie the message is sent from your phone number vs annonymously over email)? If so, how did you get around Sprint's block? Can you access their servers over a different port than the Arcsoft software allowed or something? I guess Sprint's main issue was just the use of software that they had purchased the license for.
    No I didn't find any special port or hack anything. sMMS is basically a browser that formats the Picture Mail website. To help send messages easier. sMMS is not a replacement for Picture Mail but you can use it along side of the Picture Mail website. Also it is sent from your, Picture Mail account, your number is attached just like if you used any other Browser. I imagine that it works that same as those Usage Today plugins.

    4) I sent a message to a friend on Verizon and he has not got it yet, what is wrong?
    There is an issue between Sprint and Verizon when attempting to send pictures that are too large. This seems to happen when sending images 700Kb or higher. Reduce the image size and send again. This issue should be resolved in v0.4.3

    5) How do I use the contacts list to populate the TO field?
    Click the To: link or click the center DPAD button while your cursor is in the TO field.

    6) When sending a message I get an "Out of Memory" Error. I have a super phone it should be able to handle any application.
    This issue should be resolved in v0.4.3

    7) My version I have installed says it has Expired?
    This is no longer an issue as of v0.6.2. Update to the newest version to remove the expiration.

    Do I have to Donate? Why should I donate?
    No, you don't have to donate. However, see below for feature enhancements if you donate.

    9) What do I get if I Donate?
    If you donate a minimum of $5 you will receive a fully activated version of sMMS. The list of features includes:
    1) No time-bomb.
    2) No nag screens.
    3) In-client updates (Check for updates through sMMS)
    4) Multiple images per message
    5) Messages area (Inbox, Sent, Saved folders)
    6) SMS Intercept (Have sMMS download any picture mails to you directly to sMMS. NO MORE URL IN A TEXT!!)
    7) BEST OF ALL: Unlimited updates.

    10) How do I get a Picture Mail account?
    "First check your Sprint account to see if you have a picture mail access. (If you have power vison you should have it..)
    Next go to and click on login. put in your phone number and select "no send me a password". you should get a txt msg with your password. you can login to the site and change it from there.." Thanks Supadoggie

    11) Username and Password do not match Error
    First verify your username and password is valid, by logging into and logging in using your login information. Next you should change your password, this will prevent the Picture Mail Website from requesting a password change in the future. Now you should be able to send using the sMMS. If AFTER successfully completing these steps and still have problems, contact me.

    12) After I installed the application I get an error message: "This application (sMMS.exe) requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device.". What do I do, now?
    You will need to install a 2.0 or higher version of the .NET CF Runtime. Here is a link to the 3.5 .NET CF Runtime.

    13) What devices has it been tested on?
    HTC Touch, HTC Apache, HTC Mogul/Titan, Palm Treo 700wx, Motorola Q / Q9C, Samsung ACE


    Sprint, MMS and Windows Mobile: Why They Hatin'? By Malatesta

    All Donations Appreciated (download link)
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    I've followed your instructions (they're perfect), however, when I go to type a name in the "To:" box, ideally, it would pull up my contacts (like a normal text/phone call). Am I doing something wrong or does the program not do that?
    Thanks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody182 View Post
    I've followed your instructions (they're perfect), however, when I go to type a name in the "To:" box, ideally, it would pull up my contacts (like a normal text/phone call). Am I doing something wrong or does the program not do that?
    Thanks in advance
    Hit the center button when you are in the number field, then you can search from your contacts.
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    The older version is more reliable. This version the program is closing for no reason and it is getting annoying, I have to reopen the program 50% of the time. every time I click send the program exits grrr. crap i just got ERROR An unexpected error has occured in sMMS.exe . The first version is perfect, I think you try to hard with this version.
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    now I cant even open the program. I am going back to the original but thanks for your work. I think you did a awesome job with the original.

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