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    I got a Verizon 700w for free from work.
    When I went to activate it at the Verizon store, the rep told me that the phone would cost an extra $45 a month.
    Of course I asked why and he said because of the email wireless sync and stuff. Perplexed i said why do I have to pay for that? Can I not use the phone without that and just sync email using the usb cable? He said yeah, but that he would have to disable broadband access and picture texting. I said that was fine.
    So he did what ever he did and I use a cable to sync with my outlook.

    But now that I've had the phone for a couple of months, I'm curious at exactly what he did. I've tried using Internet Explorer just to see what happens. it tries dialing "connecting to: Broadband Access"
    "using cellular line: Dialing #777".
    Then I get a message that says: "Cannot Connect #777"
    "Your username or password is wrong. To check your connection settings and change them if needed. tap setting...etc..."

    My question is what did the verizon rep disable or change and can I change it back to get broadband access working? Did he change something on my account itself?
    I had a v710 before and I was able to use it as a dialup modem to verizon and get online by tethering to my laptop. I'm kinda of wanting to do the same thing here. I really have no interest in purchasing the data plan as it is way overpriced and I wouldn't use it to justify the cost.

    Please note that I'm not out to steal broad band access. I just want to be able to use it if I need to for some odd reason when I'm not at work or home. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    And another thing. Why does disabling the broadband access necessitate disabling picture and video texting? I never had the data plan before and was able to receive both on my v710 without either a data or texting plan.
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    Typically plans are voice (calls) and data (internet, picture, video, etc). Two seperate things.

    Verizon's $45 per month is typical for data. That's tacked on top of your regular (voice) plan.

    You can recieve MMS (picture/video) without that in your plan, but you cannot send without adding it.
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    The number you are dialing is a phone number to Verizon's broadband access (Sprint used the same number but calls it a modem connenction). But since your account does not have broadband access, it is not allowing you to connect. There is nothing that you can do on the phone to get around that limitation, it is in your account, your phone.

    As for the picture messaging, I would assume that you would be able to send MMS messages but have to pay for them on a message by message basis. Can you send/receive regular text messages? I am with Sprint, and they disable MMS totally. To send a picture I have to send it via email. Really sucks.

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    Called Verizon and had the data block removed. I now have access on a pay per usage basis.
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    You can recieve MMS (picture/video) without that in your plan, but you cannot send without adding it.
    Are you sure about that. I have data blocked on my phone and am not able to receive mms and the rep told me this limitation when I had it blocked.
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    With the NationalAccess block in place, you aren't able to send or receive MMS messages. It completely cuts off the data connection to the handset.
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