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    I currently have the blueant Z9 and overall have been happy with it. I use a Treo 750 and also a Samsung SGH-a437.

    I am looking for a device that compare with more than one cell phone at a time so that depending on which one I want to use I can switch the piece to conform to that phone. The Z9 up above can do it but you had to disconnect from one to do the other and I understand that the Z9i which just came out will allow you to do what I want. To get service on these models has been a little tough so I wanted to find out if anybody knew of any other models that will accomplish what I want? I may have to go with two separate pieces because I do not want to give up quality or dependability. Thank you for anything you can share.

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    The Aliph Jawbone 2 will pair with two devices.

    When paired with multiple devices, whichever has the strongest RF signal gets the headset. When you're not using one phone, I would either turn off the phone or it's BT radio.
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    The upgrade of the Z9 is the Z9i. It pairs with up to 3 phones at one time. Taking calls on each is much smoother. I do have a problem with mine staying connneted. Although I think this may have more to do with the 755p than the Z9i. Sound is very clear though. If you're not having connection problems with the Z9 then the Z9i should be just the thing for you.

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